Labiaplasty is an office cosmetic procedure that helps to improve the appearance of female external genitalia.  Patients who seek labiaplasty often have asymmetry or protrusion of large, excess tissue of the labia minora or the inner tissue that covers the clitoris and vaginal opening.  The protruding tissues often cause discomfort and pain with daily activities, certain clothing, and intercourse.  Other patients do not have discomfort but feel insecure about the appearance of their genitalia.

Labiaplasty Procedure Details

The procedure is done in the office under local anesthetic.  The excess tissue is removed and the labia minora is reshaped to give you a natural appearance.

Labiaplasty Recovery Process

Most of the discomfort after the procedure is within 24 hours after surgery.  Most patients just take over tylenol or ibuprofen after 24 hours.  Swelling typically takes 2-4 weeks to resolve.  The incision typically heals well and is not very noticable.  Prolonged sitting or standing is not recommended for the first few days.  Patients are encouraged to alternate between sitting and standing.  Loose fitting clothes are best until discomfort is resolved.  Patients are recommended to avoid sexual activity, using a tampon, and submerging the bathtub, the swimming pool, the beach, and  jacuzzi for 6 weeks to allow complete healing.


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