When the forehead has significant wrinkles and the brows droops out of position, the facial features are not in harmony and appear aged beyond their age.  The look of fatigue is often described by patients also. Other patients seek forehead and brow lift for symmetry after nerve injury, trauma, or cancer resection. The forehead and brow lift restore symmetry, harmony, and youth to the face. (See before and after photos of brow lift)

How is the forehead and brow lift performed?

Either small incisions behind the hairline are used or a long incision from the top of one ear to another across the forehead either behind or right in front of the hairline. The surgical incision depends on your anatomy and will be discussed thoroughly with you during your consultation. The forehead skin and tissue are elevated and excess tissues are removed. The flap is then sutured in place.

For lateral brow lift only, small incisions behind the hair line are used. The skin and tissue of the lateral brow are released and elevated. A small wedge of excess tissue is removed from each side. The rest of the tissues are sutured in place.

Can forehead and brow lift be combined with other surgeries?

Yes, it can!  Often forehead and brow lift are performed along with eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), facelift/neck lift, and others. Individualized surgical plans will be customized to your need after throughout evaluation.

Brow Lift Recovery

Sutures and staples will be removed between 1-2 weeks. Bruising will resolve in 2 weeks but swelling will take longer. Antibiotics will be given to you after surgery for a few days. Keeping your head elevated even while sleeping is essential. Normal activities can be resumed in 1-2 weeks but no strenuous exercise for 6 weeks is recommended.


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